Monday, June 24, 2019

GMHA Pic Spam

I love it when the photographers have their system all set up and we can buy our pictures so quickly.  Shawn Tinkham photography had our stuff posted within a week of the show and it took me about ten minutes to pick, purchase, and download my photos.  That certainly brightened up my Monday.

I love a lot of my photos.  I wish photographers didn't always take pics of our extensions.  Our extensions are sad and I'm usually throwing the kitchen sink at them trying to get them done which doesn't make for good photos, but it helps when your horse is not turning into an inverted ostrich during the movement anymore. This is from our Second 1 debut (only test I rode with a whip so easy to tell).  My hands are a little stupid but I'm starting to shorten up my reins after the medium attempt so it's progress.

This is from our freestyle (sunny and no whip).  I love his neck in this one.  I'm pretty sure I'm trying to get him back after our lengthen and prep for the 10m half turn at the end of the ring.  Photographic evidence that our half halts occasionally work!  Anyone else think I need to drop my stirrups another hole?

Freestyle and our very nice lengthen heading back the other way.  Tail game is on point and that neck.  Oh my goodness that neck.  Totally need to drop my stirrups down.

From after our freestyle.  I couldn't resist giving him a big hug after he put his big boy pants on for me.  And Theo is sticking his tongue out.  It's not an album of show pictures if he doesn't have his tongue out in at least one.

From our overly exciting Second 1 attempt.  He may not be made for the job but he sure tries his heart out.  Got a 5.5 for this medium but I'm happy to see him trying that hard through his shoulders.  We get a little more bounce in the trot and his efforts might be more noticeable.

I'm going to try to not torture myself to much about my position issues that are still painfully visible.  Yes, yes, I'm tipped forward and crooked and my hands are possessed.  It's better than it used to be.  In a couple of these shots, I look fine.  Bit by bit we keep building.


  1. These are beautiful! And convenient photographers are the BEST.