Sunday, May 5, 2019

Play time

With all of my focus on getting ready for the show season, I have to remember that it's not a hobby for Theo.  It's his job.  This means that he's going to want to do something other than drill tests in the ring every day.

On Saturday we ran away to jumpa da jumps.  This meant getting the trailer out of winter storage.

I totally stacked the deck on this trip.  Hard ride the night before, a ride in the morning, and then zipped out the 20 minutes to the jump school.  Also Ulcerguard and a lot of cookies.  He walked around quite nicely on a long rein even though he was completely by his lonesome and hadn't been off property in almost six months.  He didn't buck, spin, or refuse any fences.  He did pat the ground an extra time for some of the ones he thought were spooky (like the little barrels while he didn't even look at the birch, wtf), but I'll take that answer over stopping or spinning.

He looked very happy to play the jumping game.

It was standing water in about half the arena with water logged sand everywhere else so we left the jumps at 2'3".  No need to risk injury a week before an away show.  We need it to stop raining!  Please, stop raining!  We need to dry out!

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