Friday, May 17, 2019

Learning to flail

So that First level freestyle I was so excited about?  That's a hell of a lot harder than I thought.

I did my first attempt at a full run through last night.  I thought it would be easier since I'd have music to help me remember my test.  NOPE.  Instead I'm aiming for letters because my figures need to be spot on while listening for musical cues to tell me if I'm off course.  It's not the music telling me when to go, because when I ride like that, my figures get inconsistent and the timing goes to hell in a handbasket.  So it's a perfectly memorized test that I can ride identically every single time, then add music.

I didn't didn't have a perfectly memorized test that I can ride identically every single time.  I had a hot mess that involved a lot of 'wait, that's my lengthen!' and 'how was I supposed to be there already?!' and 'sorry, Theo'.  A friend was spectating and I think I've ruined her for ever wanting to do a freestyle.  She watched me careen around and swear to music, shaking her head.

So I'm turning the music back off and drilling that test to make sure it is exactly as laid out every.  single.  time.  I'm actually okay with Theo learning this test right now because if both of us know it, we might stand a chance.  Once I can ride the whole thing without even thinking about what letter I'm aiming for, I can turn my music back on.

This is not what I thought it would be like.  This is freaking hard!  Dressage is all about precision, yes, but when you start adding musical phrasing it gets even more precise.  Not only do I need the figure to be the right size, it needs to take the right amount of time to complete so no deviations in pace are allowed.  No firing up, no dragging along.

I'll try to get video of our run through on the 19th.  I'm only hoping to complete the test around the same time the music stops right now.

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