Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Final wardrobe choices

The tail is trimmed, the chestnuts have been hacked and filed into shape, and the mane has been conditioned.  That must mean it's show time.

Since I made a lot of changes in the off season, I'm still practicing riding in my new show gear.  That means it's time for some dirty mirror selfies!

The outfit still feels foreign to me, but I'm getting used to it.  The helmet is a Troxel which is far from my favorite brand, but I'll give them credit.  This doesn't feel like the flimsy thing I was wearing when I took my serious concussion back in the early 2000's.  It's comfy and light while blending with my ranch pleasure inspired look.  My chaps/chinks are such a nice color and I love the conchos with no extra strings or bling.  The conchos look a lot like the ones on my saddle and I'm thinking about getting a bridle with matching conchos so we're all coordinated.  You can just barely see my new Ariat boots.  The rowels are the ones I got last year with the very gentle flower rowel.

The shirt was a random plaid shirt I got for $3 at Walmart years ago.  I've got some different shirts for showing and some colored saddle blankets to go with them, but I actually really like the natural color saddle pad with this outfit.  He looks like a genuine, functional western horse.

I, on the other hand, am struggling to figure out how to wear my lovely chaps and get my saddle in the right spot on his back on the first try.  I keep pushing the saddle too far forward and I never get the chinks on in the same place twice which means a lot of adjusting and wiggling around in the saddle, ugh.  Where the heck are these things supposed to rest, anyway?  I feel like I'm that stereotypical older gentleman with my pants hauled up far too high.

Health paperwork was finished today so the show is on.  Friday morning we take off for a weekend full of Arabian horses and brand new dressage tests.  Should be an adventure.

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