Friday, December 8, 2017

Worthy of Theo

A couple of fitness posts have convinced me to post an update on my own fitness journey/struggle/brawl.

Last year I ran a 5k and kinda liked it.  I liked the camaraderie, the post workout endorphins, . . . the beer.

Almost every road race in the region includes a free beer

Mostly the beer.  The hubby and I do home brewing and are actually members of a very active home brew club.  We've helped steward and judge at beer competitions.  I'm very new at it while the hubby has been doing this for years.  We kegged my first solo beer last weekend (a weisenbock) and it actually came out good.

But back on the original point, I ran a 5k and didn't hate it too much.  When registration for the event opened up for 2018, I went ahead and signed up.  Then realized I hadn't run since I started my job hunt in early spring.  Whoops.  Time to get on that.  Also time to address the jump in my weight that came with my new office based job.  Sitting at a desk for eight hours and only riding three or four times a week did not keep up with my dietary habits.  I jumped about ten pounds.  Yikes.  My breeches weren't fitting right. 

At the end of October, I hit a new high for my weight and that was the tipping point.  I needed to stop the climb and hopefully shed some of the new poundage.  It's not fair to ride Theo when I'm unfit and overly chubby. 

My motivation

I signed up for a weight loss app and got a treadmill.  I brought my diet back under control, started eating on a regular schedule, and started ramping up my steps.  Let's face it, I love food too much to cut out all the good stuff.  Better to burn more than to really crank down the calorie count.  I hate rabbit food.  Running is awful, but it sure does burn the calories.

As of today, I'm down fifteen pounds from my peak weight.  I'm doing 10k steps a day very consistently.  I've already registered for three little road races in January and February, it will probably end up being four.  I got fitted for better sneakers at a running shop and ended up joining their running club.  Starting Jan 3, I'll be doing running training on Wednesday nights.  They also had to special order my sneakers because I'm a weird size.  6 wide?  Yeah, that's me.  When they put me on the little foot scanner thing, the employee looked at it, looked at my feet, then looked at me and said 'really?'.  Yes, really.  Don't judge my weird little feet.  This is why I hate shopping for riding boots.  Wide calves, tiny square shaped feet.

You'd think the wide base would make me less prone to tipping over, but nope.  I am klutzy as fuck when not in the saddle.  And frequently klutzy while in the saddle.

So many bruises

I still hate running.  It's an act of will to get on the treadmill every time.  On my weight loss app, one of the first exercises was to pick a big picture to hang on to for when you're having a setback.  A lot of people posted about clothes they could fit into or looking good for an event.  My big picture is me trotting down centerline, fit enough to not get out of breath during the canter work.  And wearing a jacket that buttons closed nicely.  And not jiggling.  I want to be a rider that's worthy of her partner.


  1. Right there with you. I've been dealing with a bunch of personal shit this year and have had to prioritize keeping my head above water vs physical fitness, but I'm in a better place now and yeah new breeches are expensive. Ugh.

  2. I always hated running as a kid, but when I got very depressed I found it and lifting weights very cathartic. Plus regular exercise really does help me sleep at night. You'll have to post pics of your new kicks when you get them :)