Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Baby it's cold outside

This morning my phone was lit up with alerts for wind chill. 

I am going to go a whole week without going to the barn.  Theo isn't going to do any work for the whole week.  I'm already feeling withdrawal setting in.  On the bright side, it means my poor left shoulder will get a week to properly heal after Sunday's dramatics.  And it was feeling so good!  I was sleeping normally (no little pillow under my shoulder), full range of motion, normal strength.  And then boom, papi.

I'm trying to focus on the positives.  My shoulder will recover.  A break won't do Theo any harm and will probably do him some good to stave off ring sourness.  I'll also be sure that there is no lingering muscle soreness anywhere.  And I'll know the Ultrafire is out of his system.  -_-

With the fidgets and withdrawal setting in, I'm trying to think of ways to keep myself occupied and feel like I'm making progress.

I'm getting my new saddle conditioned and the fenders turned in the comfort of my living room.  I love the color now that the leather has been fed.

I am diligently hitting the treadmill in preparation for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR races coming up.  Little ones, to be sure, but goals are important.  Especially when the weather is this demotivating.  I'm up to 20 minute jogs (at 4 mph I think they're actually shuffles) and per my Fitbit, down 7.2 pounds since November 28th.  That puts my total loss around seventeen pounds.  This means I should probably start shopping for breeches.  Mmmmm, shopping.

I'll binge on my Dr. Klimke videos and read my Mary Wanless book.  Mostly I'll rest my shoulder and let my horse be a hairy, untamed yak for a bit.  We'll both be eager to pick up again when my vacation starts on the 9th.  Assuming the weather rebounds the way it's forecasted to, I'll pop in some extra jumping lessons and get us both back in the groove.

In the meantime, I'm thanking my lucky stars that my horse is at a boarding facility.  Every time my job drives me up a wall, I remind myself that this is how I can afford to NOT bring water to my horse in a -5 windchill.  Best motivation around.

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