Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

New Hampshire is pretty in winter, I'll give it that much.

It's the time of year when we take some time with friends and family and enjoy the season of giving.  Theo mostly gave me a hard time this year, but he also gave me some serious pony cuddles, so that's pretty darn awesome.  He's not much of a cuddler for most people.

#nofilter #hewokeuplikethis

I gave myself a shiny new saddle and thought that would be it for the horsey Christmas gifts but the hubby stepped up to the plate big time this year.  I got a set of Heritage Extreme Winter riding gloves.  It's almost like he knows I was planning on riding in these dangerous temps with just my silk lined gloves from SSG.

He also got me one of these.

I am so excited!  He got me a wool riding skirt from  It's still on the way since they make them all to order, but I'm so excited.  I want pictures of me riding in the snow with my beautiful wool skirt.  Assuming I can stuff Theo's brains back between his ears at some point.  Cough.

From my odd little family to yours, Happy Holidays, whatever holidays you may celebrate.