Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Winter break

At a certain point, you accept the inevitable.  I am merely mortal.  I have limits.

I am not riding in this nonsense.


Trainer A rides today, I'm planning to do some walk/in hand work in my lesson Wednesday afternoon, but then he's just getting a week off.  What's the point of even trying to ride when I'll be hovering around 0 as soon as the sun starts to set?  I have a general policy of not actually working a horse once you hit 10*, it's just not worth the risk.  Seems more humane to give him the week off.  This weather is just not normal for NH.  Our average high is 33* for this time of year.

And I'm a wimp.  It's okay, I'm coming to terms with it.

So today he gets his grain cut in half so he doesn't blow up to the size of a house during his mini-vacation.  I'll be visiting to manage blankets, but he isn't going to want me to groom him or do anything that involves his blankets coming off in that weather.  He'll have his field, shed, and neighbors.  I'm taking some time off from work starting on the 9th and that will be a good time to get him legged back up and into full work again.  

Can you believe I've got a race on Jan 1?  BRRRRR.  Good thing it's only a mile.