Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tales of a klutz

Because seriously, this is ridiculous.

I'm sitting at my desk in my nice wool skirt and ballet flats, looking nice and professional, icing a swollen spot on the front of my ankle I got from tripping out of my horse trailer while at my clinic.  I slammed that tendon that goes down the front/inside of your ankle right into the metal edge of the door to the tack area.  I was wearing clogs, not boots, so nothing but chicken socks to cushion the blow.  Applying ice to get the swelling down.

Also note the rubs on the back of my ankle.  Apparently my Dublin river boots are PISSED that they were ignored for six months and decided to punish me for the neglect by rubbing me raw after being perfect for two years.  WTF, boots.  The other ankle is worse.

But the long hem at least hides the bruise I got when Theo spooked and I whacked my knee against the barn door.  It did give me a bit of a limp.

That one is on heat therapy now, trying to convince the muscles to settle down.  And it's in the ugly green puke colored stage.

This is a day to day thing now that I'm back in the saddle 4 to 5 days a week.  I've got my groove back, my motivation is up, my horse doesn't want to kill me, and it doesn't hurt my face to go outside.  I'm getting my ride time in!

And limping into the office every dang morning due to various injuries that are only tangentially related to riding.  My coworkers are starting to ask questions.

Why so klutzy, mom?


  1. Ugh I am klutzy too so I understand the literal pain!

  2. I'm trying to avoid anything too dangerous for at least the first week at this job for those very reasons.