Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let there be media!

My lack of video has been bugging me badly.  Tonight I had an empty ring and no real plans for the ride other than to get Theo stretching after his post-clinic break.  This seemed a good opportunity to experiment with getting some video. 

Ever wonder what it's like to look between those super fuzzy ears and have all of that mane flopping around as you canter down to a fence?  Wonder no more!

I looked so ridiculous.  I was riding him with my left hand while filming with my right hand.  I was watching the phone more than my path, thank goodness my horse is a good boy and will steer with minimal help.  I was also in my dressage tack, but when it's a 2' fence, it doesn't really matter.  Jumping just perks him up.

You have to love a horse that will let you get away with stuff like this.  Canter down to a fence with minimal contact and a completely distracted rider?  Sure, whatevs.  Just another day at work for Theo.

For those that are curious what he looks like from the ground, I was able to get a little bit of video by propping up my phone on the arena wall.

He's a little tight in the topline after his two days off and jumping encourages him to brace still, but it is a decent look at how he's changed.  And a glimpse of our simple changes that are really starting to come along.

Now that I know this works, I'll have to add more videos.  I think keeping records is important. 

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