Friday, July 1, 2016

Ultimate temptation

So I'm on break from showing.  This was planned well in advance since I knew I'd need a month off to recover physically (hello, sleep), mentally (stress levels declining), and financially.  Mostly financially.  Showing is so ridiculously expensive.  Living off of ramen is fun and all, but I'd like to eat something with a bit of substance.  Not too much, though.  I have fall shows to save up for.  I need to keep those purse strings snug, but I can dress that ramen up for a month and keep my spirits up.

So of course PS of Sweden comes out with their summer collection and it's another parade of things that I need.  Holy crap, did they reach into my skull and pull out exactly what I want in browbands?
Seriously, I love pearls on browbands.  So elegant without being a wall of blinding flash.  And a nice, simple clincher browband for the days where I want some pop but not blinding bling?  I want all of these mailed to me right away.  Those navy blue pearls would look fantastic coming down centerline at Saugerties this fall.  Paired with my white pad with black and silver cording?  Very conservative but stylin'.

I still want the pink one, but that's more to do with making Trainer A crazy than wanting to use it in public.

Real geldings wear pink.  

Oh, and there's saddle pads I need.

The green goes with my current big bling browband.  The blue has these neat silicone flowers under the saddle to keep it from sliding and matches the dark blue pearl browband.  Both would look amazing on my black bay.

And I need some non-jumping boots. 

 I should go with the gloss white to be my formal boots for dress up occasions, but who can walk past metallic gold croc print?

Oh, and someone snapped his leather turnout halter (and pulled down part of the fence, jumped into the next field, and stole all of the hay from the school ponies).

Who needs dressed up ramen, anyway?  I'm a DQ now.  I might as well live it up.


  1. The browbands are a bit much for my taste (not in a I'm judging you way just not something I would pick) . Plus with Stinker's chrome we would really be blinding. But those saddle pads...I want them all. I banned myself from visiting PS of Sweden's website after I got my bridle.

  2. I like a wall of bling, but your choices are quite tasteful too. ;-)

  3. Grabby hands to all of those! Love em!