Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tell me what you see

Okay, I clearly have some things I need to work out judging by the way I've been obsessing over pictures of Theo all morning.  And if I'm going to do it, let's do it for real.

Theo, before and during.  Can't call it after since I feel like we're just getting started.  The first picture is from before I met him when in heavy school work trying to keep his brain between his ears.  Lots of sweaty saddle pads, not a lot of technical training.  Mostly trying to convince him to not buck people off and run home, doing at least some work in a German martingale/draw reins to keep him from unloading people (I found this of his dark past).  The second picture is from this weekend before our show.  There's about 2 years in between them.  He's been in serious business training for about 10 months (from the end of the abscess wars last year when I decided he was going to be my long term horse and not a place holder).

It's not the best pair of pictures to compare, opposite sides and mi papi is on a slope for the second one, but it's what I've got.  I kept them as big as possible so there is no detail hidden.

So.  What do people see?  Since I appear to be having a fit of anxiety over whether or not I'm moving in the right direction.  I keep being told he looks like a different horse, but right now, I'm really struggling with seeing it when faced with two pictures like this.  Aside from the coloring, of course.  Being a show pony has some lovely perks such as fly sheets and supps to help with that dark, glossy coat.

I'll do another post later with what I see, but I'm genuinely curious.  Tell me what you see.


  1. I see a much rounder and stronger shoulder, much more muscle where his withers meet his back instead of just a dip on each side, his abs are looking tighter and like his shoulder, his hind end is looking much rounder and less pointy, especially along his croup. It's going to take time to get perfect, but those under neck muscles are gradually going away.

  2. I see a much better neck. Sure he doesn't have the huge crest many of those crazy dressage horses get, but the underneck is MUCH better and you can tell he is building a nice topline.

  3. The biggest differences I see are in his shoulder and neck. The shoulder is smoother for lack of a better term and the neck is filling in in the correct places and he is losing the underneck. His topline looks better too. There might be some hind end changes too but I can't tell that for sure.

  4. Definitely see a big difference in his neck! Agreed, that it is difficult with two different sides (and the way he's standing in the second photo, would prefer to see those two legs outside of the others) but a big difference in his neck!

  5. I agree with everyone above. Also his muscles look tighter