Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Dorkzilla might as well be a costar on this blog.  He's been in cartoons, he's been in lessons, he's been at shows and clinics, he's been everywhere.  He's shown up almost as much as Fi, Theo, and Ben.   He was there at Fi's first horse trial and he was there at our sanctioned dressage show in June.  I feel like anyone that's been reading this blog knows and loves Dorkzilla, the 17h German import Hanoverian with unorthodox jumping that loves everyone on sight and has a talent for being a lazy ass and charming temperamental chestnut TB mares.

I got some bad news today.  Dorkzilla had an accident and had to be put down. 

 Mary Wanless clinic, November 2016

 UNH at the show where we both debuted at Novice, 2011

He wasn't my horse, but I adored him.  His big, goofy nose and very kind heart.  Both the Princess and mi papi had adventures with him and saw him at dressage shows.  Dorkzilla was there at almost all of Fi's eventing outings and every single one of her dressage shows.  I saw him at the UNH show just a couple weeks ago and the Walnut Hollow kids couldn't believe I knew that gorgeous, fancy horse.  He was practicing his changes before going in and winning Third 1.

BFFs (sorta), November 2016

Seriously BFFs, July 2013

Six years I've been watching his career as an eventer, a dressage horse, and a foxhunter.  I watched him go from a sour dressage horse with a dangerous buck to a loving life jack of all trades that would jump anything, dressage with the best of them, and roam anywhere.  I don't know of another horse with a career like his.  He won ribbons at Third Level dressage, Training level horse trials, and Hunt Trials all in the same summer.  He could out gallop most of the field and steal a mouthful of grass during his extended walk in a dressage test.  He's the kind of horse most of us lay awake at night and dream of.  Oh, and he was a cuddler that wanted attention and affection at all times.

UNH dressage show, pulling every bit of hay out of the trailer and looking very proud of himself, July, 2013
 Super fancy show horse, Winter 2011

I got to ride him several times.  He was huge, heavy, powerful, and endlessly kind.  He never gave me a problem, but made my abs ache.  He gave me a taste of what a real dressage horse felt like.  I loved jumping him, I loved flatting him, I loved everything except the way my arms would quit working and I couldn't really sit up afterward.  His owner is a strong lady.
Dorkzilla and the Princess on a trail ride, September 2012
Trail ride, 2011

I can't imagine going to UNH and not seeing his ridiculous white nose in the warm up ring.  I don't know how I'll deal with going to the Wanless clinic and not having him there.  I don't understand that he won't be there when we go to the town forest to trail ride.  I'm bawling my eyes out. 

Filthy, filthy fancy pony, September 2013

Good night, Champers.


  1. Oh I am so sorry. Steele will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge Dorkzilla.

  2. Sounds like a very special horse. So sorry for your loss...

  3. I'm so sorry to read this. Condolences to all the people who love him :(