Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Music to dance to

I sent in my entry for my August dressage show.  First 1 and First 2.  I guess that makes us a First level pair.

As this new reality sets in, I'm making plans for living life at First level to the fullest.  I want to do First 3 at a schooling show this fall.  I want to spend this winter getting my freestyle nailed down so it's ready to go out and debut next season.  This has had an unexpected side effect:  Every song I hear I am now trying to write a freestyle to.

Seriously.  It's bad.  I'm obsessed and need help so I can pick something and stop obsessing.  Or at least pick a genre.  I have very eclectic taste in music and it has led to some problems finding freestyle music.

Originally I wanted to go with something powerful.  Theo's a sturdy, black horse with a lot of presence.  I figured he could hold up to some serious business music.

I would love that for canter music.  But after looking over the score sheets, it's dawned on me that impulsion is consistently our lowest score.  In the eyes of a dressage judge, Theo's strength is that he's steady, quiet, and submissive.  Impressive or powerful are not used to describe him.  Ever.  Powerful music would just make it more obvious that he's content, pleasant, willing, and rather lazy.

So something a bit less powerful, but something that really makes it obvious that his rhythm is dead on and stands out as something unique.

One of my favorite groups to listen to and just imagine him doing a lengthening to the words 'this is how it's done, son' and cantering to something with a Latin beat.  Downside, plenty of judges are going to find District 78 a bit unexpected/jarring and we will have to be completely dead on with the beat.  Any deviation would look terrible.  Probably not good for competition, even if we can stay on the beat with music all day long at home.

As Theo's nickname is papi, I had the idea that I should do a Latin themed freestyle.  I could canter to this all day.

And then I listened to the lyrics.  Whoops, nope.  How about something that emphasizes harmony (even if everyone is using it right now)?

Or something just fun that I've already ridden to in lessons.

 I've been told Star Wars is overdone right now, but can't go wrong with another John Williams classic.

Or some trailer music.  Let's make dressage epic again!

Oops, went too powerful again.

I am seriously obsessing over this.  Any other ideas for music for mi papi?  I have a friend with editing software, a degree in music, and experience in dressage up to Fourth that's willing to help me out.  I just need to give her a starting point (and move on with my life).


  1. It's good to know your horse's cadence at walk/trot/canter so you can choose music that goes with their stride. i once had IRish's evaluated (won an on-line contest). Turns out that a great trot song for him was 'Tequila'. I loved it. Alas, I never made it to music.

  2. And this is why I never want to do a freestyle. Well that and the fact I have no sense of rhythm (white girl to the core) so I can't even begin to pick something that matches the gaits. Hopefully other people will be more helpful and I can't wait to see what you pick.

  3. Have you thought about doing a medley and putting a few songs together? Could be a fun way to get the best of everything.

  4. Love freestyles!!!!! I picked out music for my freestyle years before I ever put it together hahaha!

    For yours I really like the thought of a disco theme for Theo- its raining men is a great place to start!

    Other genres to look for are Broadway musicals- I did mine to chorus line and it still gives me good chills when I watch the video :) there are a ton of instrumental rock songs that have great beats to them that could be worth looking it. (London Symphony orchestra is a great start) I do think if the song is fairly recognizable it makes a more enjoyable freestyle for the spectators but if it has a catchy beat that's awesome too :)

    Good luck and can't wait to hear what you pick out