Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shopping run

One of my horse friends just completed her MBA so I took an afternoon off to go celebrate with her.  Beers were on the schedule, of course, but horse people can't celebrate an achievement quite like other people.

Dover run!

Just when I was done bragging about having Pelham Saddlery within driving distance, I also have a four story Dover retail store to get lost in and lose all of my savings.

First thing I saw, C4 belts!  Big display right up front, never actually handled one of these before.  Huh.

Show clothes!  My friend is the one that just got the WB dressage horse from a client and is showing this summer for the first time in years.  At first she was horrified by all of the color options in dressage now, but after meeting a Grand Prix coat in a gray-steel blue with a blue velvet color and some blue piping to go with her chestnut, she's coming around.   She is NOT okay with the ruffle shirts or snakeskin printed breeches, though.  Just no.

We were both equally horrified by this bridle.  Really, who needs craft herpes in your tack room? Yes, the nose band and the reins are glittered to go with a cheap, tacky looking multi-colored browband.  Hideous, and I'm usually pretty open-minded on these things.

I was pretty good, for me.  I got two dressage pads, a pair of schooling gloves, and a loose ring bit.  Those were all on my list.  One of the pads I found in the bargain basement for $25 is white and has silver crowns embroidered on it.  I love it.  The other is a nice, quiet plum color with gray binding.  I also found an Ice fil show shirt for $20.  On the way out, I had to get this.

I didn't own any purple belts, it was past time to fix that with the amount of purple I wear.  I'm still getting used to the plastic thing, but I rather like it.  I think I'll get some more.  Nice to not have to worry about buying the right size.  We'll see how it holds up once in use.

After our little shopping spree, we had many, many beers in celebration of her smarts.  We also talked about the show season.  She may be shipping and stabling with us at the NEDA spring show, so I'm excited!  We haven't gone to a show together in ten years!  Of course, back then, we were both riding jumpers.  Things have changed just a bit.  But I promised I would keep my outfit appropriately monochromatic so she doesn't have a heart attack at her first outing in a long while.

But there's this juniper colored coat with white piping that would look very nice . . .