Thursday, March 31, 2016


I like math.  There's only one answer and everything balances out.  This is probably why I was good at chemistry and physics in college, too.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  As one side goes up, the other side goes down.  Equilibrium will be attained.

When I was younger, I bemoaned my lack of funds.  I couldn't buy the horse, the tack, the lessons I needed.  Now, I can buy those things.  But all equations must remain balanced.  In exchange for having the finances and access to the things I need, something else has to go down.  In this case, it's time.  Work has been kicking my a$$ for about a week now.  Usually being a corporate analyst means that I don't have fire drills or emergencies, but lo' and behold, I got double smacked.

When the CEO of your company wants a slide, you produce that slide.  It doesn't matter if that means you work Easter weekend and stay online till 10pm three days in a row, you get it done.  It was so bad that I had to hand off babysitting the project for a couple hours on Tuesday so I could have my lesson, then took calls while untacking Theo and then went back to work till way too late at night.  And it wasn't just me, there was half of my team and a whole parade of execs involved in getting these two stupid charts done for a meeting we had zero warning on.  But it's done now, and the follow up fiasco from me having to make up for the lost three days is also done now.  I'm finally caught up and can relax for the first time in a week.

Poor Theo got some extra days off, including yesterday and possibly today.  Last night I had to stay up and get today's presentation finished.  Today?  I'm depressurizing.  A week of going all out has left me with a head that feels like it's stuffed full of cotton.  I'm kind of missing his school horse schedule since he is now almost completely dependent on me for exercise.  Oh yeah, there's that part of horse ownership.  Forgot about that.  But tonight, I'm not subjecting him to my stressed out, freaked out, overloaded, desperate for control mind.  I'm cleaning my fish tanks.

Fish tanks are great for people that want to micromanage.  Unlike mi papi, my fish complete support me micromanaging my water chemistry and feeding schedules.  I have a controller on one of the salt water tanks that lets me adjust temp, light schedule, and pump settings from my computer.  I get email alerts if any of the sensors pick up something going out of whack (temp, pH, or salinity).  I have line charts of my pH over time so I can try to manage the daily swings.  Have I mentioned how much I love numbers?

So instead of taking out my desperate need for control on my poor, stubborn, occasionally violently resistant horse, I'm rearranging my tanks, giving them a thorough cleaning, and doing something about the phosphate levels in BOTH salt tanks.  So much algae.  The weather is gorgeous so I spent this morning checking in with the poultry.  I may zip out the barn tonight, depending on my pressure levels.  The weather is too nice to miss.

At least for a few days.

Aimee!!!!  This is your fault!!!!!


  1. Wait how is this my fault?

    I'm going with "your CEO is named Aimee".

    1. You're getting all of the blame for ridiculous late season snow storms.

    2. Oh ok. I'll take that. I totally put a hex on you.

  2. This year is so weird. I'm down south whining about early thunderstorms and humidity and other people are getting late snow storms.

  3. That work situation sounds intense!