Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Theo has had a field all to himself for most of the time that I've known him.  There was a short bit where he shared it with a Hafflinger, but that was temporary.  The rest of the time, Theo had his little territory with no company aside from the mares in the adjoining field.  Mostly because he's a big fat bully.  When he does go out in group turn out, he's a bit of a loner except for when he's inciting chaos and getting the school geldings to run around.

He has a new roomie.

Giving me some classic pony side eye

This little speck of adorable needed a neighbor for the times when all of the other horses go in due to weather.  Mi papi never goes in, since he has a run in and tries to eat the stall when he's in overnight.  I think he's part beaver as well as part Labrador retriever.  I didn't know he had a new roomie until I went to turn him out after dark and heard a whinny from his field.  I couldn't see who was out there and so went back to the barn to make sure there wasn't a lost pony in his field.  Nope, his new roomie was just happy to see him.

Not that Theo shares the affection.  He has been joyfully explaining to the roomie that everything the light touches is his domain.  The run in.  The hay.  The ground.  Everything is his.  That over there?  It's his.  And that?  Also his.  While his roomie calls after him when he leaves, Theo struts around because now he gets to be in charge of someone.  I think he's happier with a roomie.  That doesn't mean he plays well with others.  That's okay, I got an 'N' in that when I was in kindergarten, I get it.

Hopefully the roomie will get to hang out for awhile.  Theo really does prefer to have company and the roomie appears to be made of some very stern stuff.  According to the teens stuck helping train him, he could use some bossing around.


  1. You have to watch out for the little ones. :) There is a mini that runs the barn I'm at, even the grouchy mares don't mess with her.

  2. There's a part of me that wishes Courage could have one, but he always gets grounded from group turnout of any kind of a reason and the reason isn't that he's kind and loving. :-/ oops.

  3. Awww he is cute!! Glad Theo seems happier.