Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 3 - No changes

It's a very odd feeling to show up at the barn the day after purchasing a horse, which is a big deal, and realize that not a dang thing has changed.  Same gear, same mount, same ring, same routine.  There are little changes, of course.  On the white board where they track lease days, I'm not listed any more.  I'm not a leaser, I'm a boarder.  My check I dropped off on the 1st was labeled board.  It's now my call when Theo gets used for stuff, but I haven't changed anything.

Mi papi hasn't noticed a thing.  I still show up with the same routine and use the same tack.  I suppose that's nice for him, no trauma.  Any changes in his life will be gradual.  He'll be weaned out of the lesson program as his replacements are brought in.  The only change on the horizon is my new dressage saddle.  I get to go shopping at Pelham Saddlery this weekend.  The hubby was very insistent on not buying a saddle until I was sure the Theo deal was going through.  Now that the papers are signed, it's time to move that project along.  I'll need an honest to goodness dressage saddle this summer.

I'm sure I've mentioned on several occasions how much I hate saddle shopping, but I'm actually a bit excited this time around.  Since we've successfully fitted him a couple of times, I have great reference points for my shopping trip.  He goes in a Frank Baines Revolution for jumping and a Frank Baines Reflex for dressage.  He has also been given the green light for a high head Albion if I can find one that works for both of us.  The Albions around the barn have nice, deep gussets and the saddle fitter felt comfortable with the ones we tried on him.  My eye is on a Trilogy Debbie McDonald they have in the shop.  A saddle made specifically for petite riders?  Sign me up!  Assuming it can fit mi papi's very flat back and wide shoulders.

I'm desperately hoping that I won't have to go the new saddle route again.  I need to manage expenses somewhere so I have budget left for the show season.  But with my luck, I'll be special ordering a Frank Baines Pirouette in short flaps to make it work for both of us.  My butt doesn't totally fit in his current dressage saddle (I'm so embarrassed), so I need to look for a 17.5.  My jump saddle is a 17, but it's nice and open.  Turns out I need a bit more space in a deeper saddle.

But I'm down five pounds since January!

Tonight I'm going out with the ladies from the barn to celebrate my crazy purchase.  There will be many house margaritas so that I can afford my next crazy purchase.  Top shelf is something for the people that don't own a horse.


  1. I just got caught up on your blog and I feel your pain when it comes to saddle shopping. It sucks. Good luck shopping!

  2. let the celebrations begin! And don't worry- we all go up a size for dressage saddles. It's like shopping at LuLu Lemon!

  3. I had an Albion for a high-withered horse and while it fit Fiction perfectly, it did not at all fit me. The stirrup bars are set further forward and can be problematic for a woman. I constantly found that I was fighting my leg position and the saddle kept putting me on my crotch. It was nearly impossible to sit on my seatbones :(

  4. haha ain't nuthin wrong with some house margaritas!! :D hope you find what you need at Pelham saddlery! jealous that they're so local to you. i bought my jump saddle from them online and really was very happy with the transaction... alas that saddle will soon need replaced tho. boo.

  5. I had the same experience when I bought Val. It felt like my whole world changed, but then again, not really. Good luck with the saddle hunting!