Monday, November 30, 2015

Princess Update

I heard the most amazing thing.  I'm still in shock and there might even be some happy tears.

I have a friend that works at UNH in a completely non-equestrian role.  While talking to a student in the equestrian program, she asked if the student knew a horse named Fiona.  The girl immediately started gushing about the sweet, spoiled princess and how everyone loved taking care of her.  She's also found a new career path.

Therapy horse.  Yes, Can't Drive 55, my exploding bomb, the mare I got for $800 because she was dangerous, has started working in UNH's therapeutic riding program.  I knew she was bombproof on the flat and on trails, we let nervous, senior riders take her out on the trails, I just didn't realize how far she could go. Who would have ever thought that the crazy chestnut mare that no one would ride would become a therapy horse?  Clearly she just needed a chance and to find the perfect job for her.

I'm looking for pictures now and if I get any, I'll share them.  I may have to gather up the courage to go visit her and take them myself.  I haven't gone to visit for fear of breaking down and begging for my mare back, but if she really has found her way into such a special, important job, I think I'll be able to be proud of her instead of trying to smuggle her home in the backseat of my Yaris.