Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taking notes

The videos and pictures just keep rolling in.

Say what you want, but mi papi is sure photogenic.  He looks even better in videos.  This is all of my last lesson, unedited except to remove the other person in my lesson to save battery on the camera.  It's a great reference for anyone who's wondering what it's like to clinic with Mary or what on earth her system aims to make you look like.  Enjoy the comments on skewers, my front triangle, and hoses.


Part 2:

Part 3:

Who is that beautiful, energetic horse?  You can see why Theo came out of the rides almost confused by what was going on with his body.  I had my first lesson back from the clinic with Trainer A and she liked the new clear hoses way of going.  She also liked the duct tape story a lot and even used duct tape as a reminder on a couple occasions.  Pretty much everything we worked on was stuff Trainer A was trying to do, just presented in a different way.  I'm not sure what bit of it made the difference, but I can now roll my thighs forward more without my knees screaming in pain.  My heels are off mi papi's sides and my toes are more forward.  It's all good stuff.

Now I get to spend six months trying to lock this stuff into muscle memory so we can start working on my other issues.  Like my foot's desire to be in chair position.  Stop that, foot, it's obnoxious.


  1. ugh locking these new skills into muscle memory always proves the hardest for me... but yay for having everything so well documented to it's easier to remember!