Monday, November 9, 2015

All the visuals

Theo's had a very exciting month and the images are starting to roll in.

First, the hunter pace!

He is one attractive young man.  The Saintly Mare is the chestnut just behind us in the group photos.  This was just before we opened the two of them up for a strong canter down the path.  My expression over the fence was ridiculous, but it was one of the fences where he was giving a lead to the other horses and needed a bit of assurance that it wasn't going to eat him.  I might have been riding a bit.  But I love this picture because he has a real, honest to goodness topline!

And then the videos from the clinic are starting to be uploaded and edited.  There are currently two clips available.

Theo learning to trot like a real horse.

I love the fact this instant was caught forever.  You can actually see the moment Theo accessed another gear and started to move like a real horse.  He also started popping and trying to canter, but the transformation was caught for me to reference back to.  THAT is his working trot.

Mary also tried to get him to lift his tummy.  He wasn't a fan.

More video is coming, but I need to do some editing.  Most of the video came from a camera set in the corner and there is a lot of junk.  But Theo's last ride with trot and canter work was actively recorded by Dorkzilla's owner, so I'm planning to post that uncut for everyone to enjoy.  I have no pride, you guys can watch me flail a bit between the good parts.

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  1. those hunter pace photos are gorgeous - and you two look very nice over that jump :) also that indoor is amazing and i want one just like it lol