Monday, November 23, 2015


I thought you guys might enjoy this:

One:  I'm never wearing that purple shirt for photos again.  Ugh, I look terrible in that color.  Two:  I need to lose about ten more pounds.  Halfway there!  Three:  I look like a very focused frog in the After picture.  Four:  Theo needs his mane pulled.

Five:  Mi papi is gorgeous.

This was posted on Mary Wanless's FB page.  Fortunately it's not linked to me in any way since I'm making such a ridiculous face in the second picture.  I was working very hard on breathing and riding and not getting the tape, so I have my cheeks all puffed out.  But it's a good reference for the changes I'm supposed to be doing.  No hollow in the back, heels under my hips, all of that.  It's also a fantastic reference for what Theo is capable of doing.  That does not look like the same horse at all.

I also saw first hand how you can't please everyone on social media.  It's a pretty benign picture.  I'm in a round spur, riding in an egg butt snaffle with a nice, open frame on my horse.  His gear all fits, I have my hair up, my turnout is conservative (his forelock his hiding the blingy browband).  There was still a comment questioning my choices. Why do I ride with spurs if the changes make my legs so effective?  Because my horse is a lazy ass that needs occasional reminders as to what his job is and when he decides to throw down and refuse to listen, I need the tools to win quickly before it escalates and gets dangerous.  I adore this horse, but I also know and respect his history.  Spurs are staying on my feet, even if they were not at all needed on that last ride or any other ride where I get the big lug up in front of my legs where he belongs.

Of course I can't post that on FB.  The person commenting doesn't know anything about me except that I went to a clinic to be a more effective rider.  Me replying would turn it from a passing comment to a fight.  I've learned that lesson.  I do not bicker with the self righteous.  Most of the people commenting were very positive about the changes in him and discussed how such a subtle change in my position could make such a difference.  It's a relief, since my heart skipped a beat when I realized I recognized the rider in those photos.  I gave her permission to post them, but it was still a surprise.   

I should tape the after picture up in Theo's run in, so he can get a daily reminder of what he's supposed to trot like.


  1. Nice! The connection between his mouth and your elbow is excellent - you can see how he's working over his back - uphill and poll is the highest point. Obvious difference between the two pictures. Well done :D

  2. My two cents: I can really see the change- your back is not arched and there's a straight line from your shoulder-elbow-heel. You two look balanced together. Your hands are much improved and overall make a very pleasing picture. I believe in spurs- much better then constant nagging. I see no reason why you wouldn't wear them.
    Congratulations. :)

  3. One of my meme photos of Courage started popping up the other day. Immediately someone commented that it was obviously a rider problem (which it wasn't). Fortunately, someone else piped up to say that was ridiculous and that seemed to end it.

  4. first of all: awesome progression!!!! Theo really looks wonderful - you've done such a nice job with him.

    secondly: ugh ignore all the haters ;)