Thursday, July 30, 2015

Triumphant return

There's nothing better than that first real ride after a lameness.  All of the questions about whether or not we're going to fix this, if it's going to become something huge and terrible, are finally done.  I didn't even have to lunge today.  I just tacked up, went down to the ring, and rode in my lesson like people do.

Lameness has a way of making us appreciate things.  I appreciate mi papi more when I'm aware that it's not a sure thing.  Since he did have about three weeks off, we're still taking it easy on him.  He didn't even canter today, but he did a decent amount of trotting and let me flop around in yet another no stirrup position lesson.  Trainer A is up for sainthood as she keeps repeating the same exercises over and over again, trying to make them stick.  They're getting better, she commented on the improvement in my hands today and was very happy with the progress in my position.  We had one pass through the trotting poles where I must have finally gotten far enough back because Theo bounced through them with some actual loft!  Then we stopped, because we were both fried in the 90 degree heat.

The best way to cool off in this kind of weather is to go for a walk.

Fortunately we haven't lost any ground in his courage when heading out.  He was even the lead trail horse when we bumped into some other riders, because someone else was nervous! 

If you look close in the picture, you can spot my new monogram tag hanging from the bridle.  I think it looks spiffy.

I got my entry for the show on the 16th submitted.  We'll do Advanced Elementary 2 phase, with the Beginner Novice A dressage test and 2'3" fences.  After that, Sept 7 is going to be our first attempt at a 3 phase.  I think I'll do the 'poles laying on the ground' division after hearing some of the horror stories of Theo's last attempt at cross country.  Evidently he snorted, spun, refused, and eventually galloped home with his rider clinging on.  Yay.

But for now, just a two phase to prep for and a lot of trail rides.  No need to work hard in this heat.  We need some rain, Mother Nature!


  1. Yay for sound horses!! Exciting show plans too - somehow I suspect you might be on the path towards helping Theo discover his inner cross country prowess ;)