Saturday, August 1, 2015

Follow that pony!

The indoor ring is having a new sprinkler system added.  I think Trainer A is going to host a party when she can use it for the first time.  Today and tomorrow are the days that the arena is closed, so everyone had lessons out on the trails today.  This included me and Mr. Just Back Into Work.  I'm a good sport (aka more balls than brains) so I hopped on and followed the trainer out onto the trails.

We trotted a good bit on the way out and tried a bit of canter.  Since I didn't ride Theo in the canter since Abby the Abscess showed up, I went first to avoid any possible racing.  Theo cantered slow enough that Juice Box the pony was trotting behind him.  Once we got out in the open, I practiced trotting and cantering mi papi away from his friend.  He actually handled it quite well and cantered with some enthusiasm up the long, gradual hill.

Once back in the woods, Trainer A and the pony were back in the lead.  On the even footing, Trainer A announced that I'd be fine and set off for a breeze.  I think if we had any spectators, the scene would have looked like this:

Yes, I was a bit nervous.  Theo doesn't like to lose races, and I don't like it when Theo doesn't like something.  It was interesting, though.  Once he hit his stride, my muscle memory kicked in and I found myself right over the middle, sitting up and keeping his head straight and up where it belonged.  Hello, galloping position, it's been a long time.  It felt really good to be reminded that I was, in fact, an eventer and I can gallop at speed through the woods and even like it.  Mi papi tucked in right behind that pony and cantered briskly along until the footing got a bit too uneven for him.  We went back to the walk and he got many, many pets.

Everytime I think I've got everyone convinced that I'm ready to be a DQ, I find myself back at the eventing game.  Why doesn't anyone believe me when I say I'm ready to live life in the sand box?


  1. Haha yeah same. I was all hardcore DQing there and now I haven't sat in that saddle in a week and we're playing jumpy.

  2. i love your illustrations!! sounds like a really fun ride too :D