Friday, July 17, 2015

Temper tantrum

Now that my little temper tantrum is over, life continues to chug along.  The vet's been called to check out Theo, since this is looking like more than a passing bruise.  I'm still thinking abscess and it would be great if the vet could open it up and relieve that pressure.  My horse Allen once blew out an abscess at the coronet band and it was a mess, so I'd rather not have it go that way.  But no matter what the mystery issue is, professional help is on the way.  I'm optimistic that it's just something that needs some TLC and we'll be back in action soon.

In the meantime, I have an entry fee and such for this weekend with no pony.  Rather than just write it off as a sunk cost, I'm taking a school pony to go flop around and have a good time.  His name is Bob.  He's a very light gray nearly white quarter horse that I usually call Bambino (Italian for baby).  We've gotten to know each other over the months because he's a bit of a squirrel on the ground.  He's head shy and I've helped a lot of beginners get his ear net on.  He will also be a jerk at hoof picking when the kids are timid.  In the saddle, though, he's a super star.  He's a younger horse, probably 10 years old or younger, with a solid work ethic.  I think we'll have fun.

Bambino with one of the beginners he lovingly carts around

Small problem:  WHITE.  I am going to have my hands full getting this school pony back to some color that I'll feel comfortable taking out in public.  I'm going to zip out today and pick up some Quick Silver to help me in my fight.  I'll also pick up some black yarn.  I said I was going to braid for this show and by golly I'm going to braid!  Bob's got a cute neck, I think some braids would really set it off.  One of the other adults is bringing Miss Thang and we are both going to braid on Saturday afternoon/evening.  I wonder if my neck cover will fit the bambino . . .

I've got a lesson with him tomorrow so we can get to know each other before I do a dressage test and jumping round with him in public.  He and Theo trade saddles, so I bet my jumping saddle will fit him.  Since the dressage saddle in the picture is the one that's still out for repairs, it would be nice to have my own saddle fit him.  Just one less thing to worry about having ready.

It's a good thing my base personality is very laid back, occasional temper tantrums aside.  Nothing is a certainty with horses.  I'll have my fingers, toes, and occasionally my eyes crossed while I wait to hear what the vet thinks is going on with Theo.


  1. i'm glad you have a ride this weekend regardless!! (tho good luck with the white...!)

  2. He is pretty cute. Hope you have fun!

    PS I guess this is the benefit of leasing--there are spare horses.

  3. I hope it went great! Can't wait to hear!