Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blog Hop: So Much Fail

Oh, heavens.  If I were judged only by one picture, I can't even imagine what they would think of me.  I dove back into the archives and dragged out some examples of me at my less than perfect.  As many people have said, we tend to post the pictures that make us look great.  The reality isn't quite so glossy.

As inspired by the ZBH Blog Hop, here are some of our moments of failure.  Some of these I've never posted before.  Enjoy!

Brakes fail.  WHEE!

 I swear, we're dressage-ing here, I'm not forcing her head down while she jogs along . . . FAIL.

Seriously, who let these yahoos out in public?  FAIL.

The jump was a little wider than we thought.  FAIL.

Steering FAIL.

Flinging my body about like I'm doing the grand prix and not a 2'3" fence.  FAIL.

I believe I can fly!  FAIL.  And Ben was a saint to get me over this thing.  My first trakehner!

This was a uniquely Fiona moment of FAIL. I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Flashback to my hunter days in the dressage ring by standing in the stirrups at the canter, putting my hands in my crotch, and holding my breath FAIL.


More of my flying FAIL.

And here's to many, many future pictures of me finding new and creative way to fail.  It's show time tomorrow!


  1. haha oh man i relate SO HARD to these pictures!! (esp that 'hunter in the dressage ring' photo lol). love it!