Friday, July 17, 2015

Be careful what you wish for . . .

You might just get it.

Theo had his visit with the vet this morning.  Shoes were popped off and  he was poked and prodded.  The vet said probable abscess with a possible nail prick as the root cause.  Considering the trama his front feet have gone through in the past two weeks, I'm not exactly surprised.  We're on twice a day soaking plus packing his foot and bute.  Yay.  If he's not better by Monday, the vet's coming back out for some x-rays.

Fun fact, Theo was originally the vet's horse, or specifically, his wife's horse.  They've known each other a long time, so the vet was all over the fact Theo was lame.  Theo is usually sound as a bell.

Mi papi does not particularly like stall rest, he's used to being very busy.  He was ecstatic to see me, even if it meant I was sticking his foot in a bucket of hot, salty water.  As you can see in the pic, he was very confused by this whole thing.  He also amused himself by playing with me, the lead rope, and anything else he could reach.  A soak, wrap, and good groom were probably a wonderful break from the monotony of stall rest.  After soaking and wrapping his foot, we took a walk on the soft grass to get him some grazing time before the bugs drove me back inside.

Now it's the waiting game for this to resolve so he can get his shoes back on and go back to work.  He's going to be the size of a house after all of this time off.

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