Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Milestone #2

Milestone #1 was the first horse show.  It wasn't perfect, but it definitely occurred.

Milestone #2?  Getting a saddle that fits well enough that the saddle fitter pats it and says he's competely happy with it.

 Gary Severson, aka the Saddle Doctor of some Eventing Nation fame, was out today and took a look at my find.  We chatted a bit about the article going viral and the saddle I picked out.  I swear, everyone loves this saddle.  He did rearrange some of the wool to get it just right for Theo, but was very happy with the tree and overall fit.  He moved wool away from the shoulders to give mi papi a bit more space, whacked on the panels a bit with a wood beater thingie, gave the saddle a pat, and declared it very nicely balanced.  Houston, we have a saddle!

I didn't even realize how much that had been weighing on me, to not know if I had a saddle that fit him when I rode.  Now I know I've got a saddle that fits him and not only does it fit, it's a jumping saddle.  Score!

And with that last (huge, painful, beautiful) purchase, I have a base set of tack to use on Theo.

My locker got organized this week with some baskets and a drawer so my stuff actually fits.  The baskets get my polos and boots up and out of the way.  Note the large jug of treats to keep mi papi happy and working.

Now I get to move on through my shopping list.  Up next?  Lunging gear.  I need a caveson, surcingle, and Vienna reins for topline development work.  I've always wanted to learn how to do long lines, seems as good a time as any to learn.  I just have to figure our where the heck I'm going to hang up more tack . . .


  1. congrats on the saddle! it sure is lovely ;)

  2. Always more tack! Love that saddle, btw. It's so gorgeous.