Wednesday, July 29, 2015


What happens when you take a former h/j rider and convert her to eventing?  You get a lot of monograms in cross country colors.

This was my order from Swanky Saddle.  This includes 9 vinyl adhesive monograms, one big fabric one for a saddle pad, two monogrammed tags for my bridle and saddle, and four little tags for things like girths and blankets.  It makes both the eventer and h/j rider in me happy.  Color coordination!  Monograms!  What's not to love?

I'll start with labeling my brushes and boots with the vinyl monograms and see how they hold up.  If they work?  I'll order up another 10 and label everything in my locker. 

It's a simple fact of the horse world that stuff wanders.  I can't find a brush because it's identical to the one that three other riders use and they got mixed up.  I still have two right hind boots because a friend had an identical set of boots and we got them mixed up.  We should really trade back some day.  Sharpies are the weapon of choice for keeping stuff where it belongs (because really, how else do you tell apart all of the white dressage saddle pads in the trailer?), but I want to get a bit more stylish in my battle.  I will still lend my stuff out, forget about it, and not have any idea where it is.  The difference is that now I'll spot it when it zooms by in the ring.

More importantly:  Color.  Coordinated.  So much bliss.


  1. Cute, interested to hear how they hold up.

  2. So classy! Love the options.

    I want the swanky saddle monogram saddle plate, but I haven't gotten around to dropping $30 on it yet.

  3. i need more monograms in my life lol

  4. My stuff has my name sharpied on it (I'm not cool enough for monograms) and it still wanders.