Friday, July 24, 2015

Name needed

At this point, I think Theo's abscess needs a name.  We've been doing battle long enough that I think it's time we gave it a clear identifier.  Like Abby.  Abby the Abscess.

Today I was greeted with the news that the abscess had popped this morning.  Woohoo!  Theo was hanging out in a paddock, so I brought him in for a good groom and to check out the progress.  He was walking comfortably and stood in the cross ties with no trouble.  I whipped off the wrap to see where we were at.

Definite progress.  The skin has opened up and there's a hole for pus to escape.  It's a small hole that stops easily, but the pressure has dropped dramatically.  It's not done, there's still a pus pocket sitting there, but it's much better.  The soaking and wrapping will continue until the whole mushy mess is gone.

I'm concerned about all of this soaking.  It's hard on his foot to get soaked twice a day for a week now, but I can see the progress.  The vet was out to see another horse and took a quick peek.  He wants the soaking to keep going since we're almost through this.  I'll go along with it, but it's making me nervous.  Also, the other three feet need some farrier attention badly.  The farrier did another no call no show yesterday.  I'm a hair away from calling in the farrier I used for Fiona to sort out this mess.

After soaking, wrapping, and grooming, Theo went for a walk.  A little trotting showed that he's now about 90% sound and feeling rather frisky.  Soon, soon we should have his shoes back on and him back in work.

Though all of this hand walking is probably good for my waistline.


  1. Glad it finally popped and is on the mend now!!

  2. I so rarely soak with abscesses. I'm not a vet or anything, but not soaking has always worked better for me. Soaking nonstop makes me nervous too :(