Saturday, July 11, 2015

Testing the steering

Today's jumping lesson was all about getting us ready to go to the show next weekend.  We've been working so hard on our grids and gymnastics that I haven't seen a course in a month.  Time to fix that! 

Trainer A was all about tight turns since our show is in a rather small ring.

No, the drawing isn't to scale, because I can't figure out how she got everything to fit in there.  Most of the roll back turns were 12 to 15 meters.  The orange dots are the part of the ring she blocked off with cones, just to make our lives more interesting.  The jumps ranged from 2' to 2'6".  #2 was the plank fence, #3 was the barrel jump, and #6 was the one stride set a bit short.  Notice the turns at #3 to #4  and then at #5 to #6?  Whee, roll backs!  Nothing like a 15 meter turn, one stride straight, and then a one stride combination to make sure you're very balanced.

She also took some video of us trotting around for me to have as a reference.  Behold, mi papi!

That is actually a vast improvement.  He's almost tracking up even though I'm not kicking.  I love a little natural forward.  He's becoming such a stud muffin.

Tomorrow is a spa day to get all of the prep for the show done early.  I also need to actually look at and possibly ride through our dressage test.  After I find out which one we're doing.  I think it's Beginner Novice A, but now I'm wondering if I read that wrong.  Details, details.

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