Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow day

First we had the two days of brutal cold.  The kind of cold that makes Theo glare at me and dare me to try to take off his blankets.  I understand he's not bluffing, so I decided to let him keep his blankets and take to two days off.  I didn't want to work in single digits and howling wind anyway.

Today the temps decided to climb, but the snow decided to fall.  Five to six inches in my area, which meant the roads had to be plowed out and my drive to the barn was a bit hairy.  The barn was still working on digging out and Theo was feeling a bit feral.

Of course an offering of treats changed his mind, but we were still wading through snow almost to my knees to get him out of the field.  With the path to the arena still unplowed, Theo got a good groom, a change of blankets for the rising temps, and sent back outside.  Day three off.

Tomorrow is freezing rain in the morning, followed by temps going up to 50*.  I'll have to get to the barn as early as possible to pull his medium weight, but with up to a quarter inch of ice, there's a chance I won't be going far again.  While I'll drive in 5-6" of snow, I do not mess with ice.  Ice is bad news. 

And with temps dropping back down to 10* after rain and melt, I don't want to be on the road when everything refreezes very quickly after sunset.

So fingers crossed I can do more than pet Theo on the head tomorrow.  Weather is supposed to go back to normal on Tuesday so we'll be able to get back to work, but I'm really not looking forward to getting him back into work in the dead of winter after five days off.  Lunge line ahoy!


  1. Our horses all came in with icicles on their ears after the recent ice storm. Definitely no fun at all :(

  2. This post makes me so happy it's summer over here!!