Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Goals

I think it's time to settle on my 2017 goals.  I've certainly thought about it enough.

Need more satin
  • 60%+ in First 3 to qualify for my freestyle
  • Score 65%+ at First level
  • Present Second 1 at a schooling show (and don't get laughed out of the ring)
  • Go to a hunter jumper show 
  • Do two clinics
  • Sit the trot in a First level 3 test in competition
  • Develop a reliable medium trot!
  • Complete a 5k race
Stretch Goals:
  • Show Second 1 at a sanctioned show (and don't get laughed out of the ring)
  • Show Theo as a Baby Green Hunter
  • Show First level freestyle 
  • Complete two 5k races
I consider 2017 to be Theo's First level year.  This is the year when he'll be competitive as a First level horse (I hope), as opposed to 2016 where we were in survival mode for our First level outings.  Let's try to shoot higher than 60% and done.  Let's shoot for the judge not fearing for our ability to complete the test.  Let's make it so that I'm fine tuning the moves, not praying that they'll happen as I turn across the diagonal *coughLENGTHENTROTcough*.  I got 63% this year, I'm only looking to go up two points.  It's a reasonable goal for a year of work.  And doing Second 1 at a schooling show is a pretty gentle goal since, let's face it, there's some pretty scary stuff going on at Second 1 at a schooling show.  I doubt I'll get laughed out of the ring so long as I manage to stay in the saddle.

Our concentration faces

I've decided not to shoot for regionals this year since First level adult amateurs is the biggest championship in my region.  Training level had around 50 people, First level is even bigger.  Something like 60 people.  So very nuts.  I'll hold out for when we're ready to be competitive at Second level or when my freestyle is ready to compete with the big kids.

It also dawned on me while shopping for 2017 shows that I've never shown in the Baby Green hunters.  I'm also eligible for the modified adult divisions since I haven't done a rated h/j show since 2005.  Even if you include the eventing, I haven't done a sanctioned show with jumps since 2013.  I'm totally eligible, so I can do 2'3" - 2'6" hunters and equitation.  I might as well enjoy Theo's eligibility and show him in the division most appropriate for him.  Trainer A is talking about hitting a nearby h/j show series next year and I'd be happy to go along.

I included my 5k as an equestrian goal since the point is to improve my fitness for the sake of my riding.

It's a pretty aggressive set of goals, but I think they're definitely doable.  It's all stuff that we're actively working on and a lot of it links together.  It'll be easier to get through the winter doldrums if I feel challenged.  I'll need all the help I can get staying motivated in this weather.  25 mph winds and a windchill of 5*?  No thanks, I'm taking today off.


  1. Great goals! Lots to shoot for but all totally realistic. Except sitting the trot. That's a brace goal lol ;)

  2. Awesome goals! Looking forward to following along :)