Friday, December 16, 2016

Art binge

After last night's inspiration to get out my tablet, I decided I should do another drawing.  But in the last computer wipe out, I lost my graphics software.  No problem, I have Paint!  That works, right?

This is based in reality.  Theo hates his blankets and I'm pretty sure it has to do with the pretty mustang mare in the next field.  The one that isn't clipped, doesn't wear boots, and doesn't need shoes.  I swear she laughs at him when he's turned out looking like he's going on an expedition.

That sad drawing took forever.  My tablet didn't work right, no tools, so terrible.  So I decided to go shopping for software for the first time.  I've suffered with whatever I have on hand.  This time, I went out to find appropriate software.  With a friend (who happens to be a professional artist) to help me out, I treated myself to a subscription for Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.  This software is amazing!  The difference is stunning.

I cranked out all of those drawings in the time it took me to do the one in Paint.  And there's shading!  After a page of doodles to get myself used to the new set up, I got this.

This was us in my Wednesday lesson.  My Azalea colored set from PS of Sweden showed up, complete with blinged out browband.  I even dug out a pink sweatshirt for the occasion.  Trainer A was pretty much speechless.  Theo felt very pretty.

I missed my tablet.  I know what I'll be doing during the next couple of snow storms.

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