Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ups and downs

Do not ever tell me that climate change is not a thing.

As Trainer A said today in our lesson, hello colic!  In four days, we'll swing from a low of 0* to a high of 45*.  Today was 39* which is exactly average for this time of year, but after a week with highs in the mid-twenties, Theo was actually puffing in our jump lesson.  The temp swings are hell for him and with his winter coat, 45* is going to suck almost as much as 0*.  But I don't dare clip him again with the weather coming this week.  Ugh.

Trainer A is planning to cut grain in half when the temps bounce this weekend to try to head off colic.  We just had our mini rushed to the local equine hospital for colic surgery (he's doing fine and should have a full recovery), so she's feeling particularly jumpy.  I'll be on major blanket duty, swapping out blankets as needed to prevent him from getting chilled or over heated.

Of course work is beating me up and having me work long hours, so that's an additional challenge.  I call conspiracy between work and Mother Nature!

So I'm warring with the two options:  clip my horse so he doesn't over heat (but he risks getting cold) or letting him get warm on the hot days so he's comfortable on the cold days.  It feels like a no win scenario.

Anyone else live in a region of the country where 45* swings are a thing?  And own a hairy yak that's supposed to be a horse?  How do you manage it?


  1. I worry more about them getting too hot vs too cold. But I grew up with horses that lived out 24/7 in Colorado with no blanketing, so my perspective is much different than most people I am around now.

  2. Ours is the same right now, just with higher temps. 75 to 40 and back to 75 again. I don't mind the 75 part...

  3. Those are some challenging swings there. Glad we're just flat cold and gross.

  4. I went with running the risk of too cold and took all the hair off. I can always add more layers and more hay.

  5. Our Weather has been swapping around from 30s to 70s. Our horses seem to do all right actually, but we're not getting down to the zeros. Also, I shave my wooly beast to make it tolerable.