Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Blogger Secret Santa

I wanted to dilly dally on this a bit since I'm an over achiever and got signed up in the early bunch, but I think it's time to reveal my Secret Santa:

Aimee over at Sprinkler Bandits!  Total luck of the draw to get one of my very first blogger friends.

I was honestly pretty confused when the hubby said I had a bright pink package waiting in the kitchen.  Huh?  I didn't order anything.

Well, mystery solved!  I got goodies from The Herbal Horse for me and Theo from Aimee and Courage.

I got some candy!  Hubby stole the mango one. 

I got absolutely delicious lip balm.  One of the ladies at the barn tried to make off with the blackberry vanilla, so you have been warned.  If you get that flavor, be prepared to defend it.  I'm a Long Winter Farm addict (try the Pony Breath flavor), but these are equally good and have earned a spot in the rotation.  Especially the blackberry one.  Hubby likes the vanilla mint for himself. 

We also got muscle rub and hair conditioner.  I'm keeping the muscle rub for now.  I use it after my stupid running torture sessions, it helps out my sore knees.  The hair conditioner is being used to tame Theo's forelock and to help with a dry, flaky spot in his mane.  They both smell fantastic.

It was a fantastic surprise and a great pick me up on a cold, icy, miserable day.  Thanks, Sprinkler Bandits and Courage!  Also, I'm now recommending Herbal Horse, love the goodies I got.


  1. I really like the herbal horse stuff :)

  2. Love herbal horse! I like the healthy hair and heal quick the best.

  3. Oooh I love the herbal horse too!! Would love to hear your thoughts on the muscle soothe!!

    1. I like it for my own use. It's a semi-solid, so I scoop a little up, warm it, then rub it into whatever muscles are annoying me most. It's a solid performing liniment. It helps with aching muscles on me and I've taken to using it regularly to manage my soreness. Particularly good on the legs with my running. I'll probably order up a bigger tin for my own use. It smells good, my skin feels softer, and it does seem to help my recovery time. For winter use, I wouldn't use it on Theo. Too thick to get through his heavy coat, I have other, thinner liniments that work better for him. I might try it on him in summer, but I think it's better for acute issues and I usually use liniment on Theo to go with his massages (aka dump half a bottle on his whole bod).

  4. Love everything from The Herbal Horse!!! She is very clever in her packaging :)

    And thank you for introducing me to Long Winter Farm! Have just spent the last 15 minutes or so looking at her products and reading her FAQ's (so clever and left me laughing hysterically!) and definitely going to try some of her products! Just wish I had found it before Christmas ;) but I usually give presents late anyways hahaha!

  5. That card is too cute! Herbal Horse is great!

  6. Woohoo! Glad you liked it. :-) It was fun to have a secret santa I've been following this long instead of having to learn all about a new person.

  7. Surprise packages are THE BEST. Especially when filled with candy and horsey goodies :D