Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wind chill warning

My family is from Minnesota.  I've been through some pretty chilly winters.  I happen to know, from first hand experience, how quickly you can get frostbite when the wind chill is around -60* F.  When I moved to New England, I enjoyed the mild weather.  Sure, there's the occasional hurricane, but tornadoes and true blizzards are pretty unheard of.

Imagine my irritation seeing this pop up tonight.

I think this is best summed up as follows:

Seriously, wtf.

So Theo is getting the weekend off.  I'm sorry, but when the highs are single digits but the wind is in the mid-teens?  There's really not a point to try to make a princess gelding work.  I'd try to get his blankets off and he'd double barrel me through a wall.  And I'd deserve it.

He's spending this weekend bundled up like he's going to the Antarctic and staying inside the barn.  I'm spending the weekend wearing my thermals in the house, trying to keep my chickens and ducks from freezing, watching my dogs pee before I can blink so they can run back inside, and trying to figure out what one wears for a Valentine's day dinner at a nice bistro when the windchill is -20.  Are snowboots a yes or a no?  Can I hide my camping thermals under that top?  Will I even bother brushing my hair before putting on a knit cap?

Go home, Mother Nature, you're drunk.  Again.


  1. "Will I even bother brushing my hair before putting on a knit cap?"

    Ha - same situation here Friday night.
    Verdict - no. ;D

  2. booooo winter, nobody likes you!

  3. No thank you. Haha. As much as I complain about our heat, I'd take that over -10* any day.