Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Final countdown

Just got off the phone with the company that manages my stock options.  I've jumped through all of the legal loopholes and am on track to have everything sold and ready to roll for the big day next week.  Next week already!

Side note for anyone considering a career in corporate America:  if you want to know how a company is doing, find the statistical analyst.  It's freaky how much we know and it results in some fun technical challenges when you want to sell stock in the company you work for.  I have to check with the legal department to make sure I'm not going to get any wild accusations on the timing of my stocks being sold.  Fortunately, telling them 'I'm buying a horse' seems to make them question my sanity more, but question my ethics less.

I'm very excited, sitting here at my desk jittering away.  I don't really trust big banks to get stuff right so I've been trying to not let myself get too wound up in case something goes terribly wrong.  After the last phone call, I'm tentatively letting myself start to anticipate.  I'll finally let myself get completely ridiculously excited on Friday when I should be getting the last bit of confirmation that we'll be ready to roll right on schedule, March 1.  Works out well, since I'll be signing my boarder's agreement at the start of the month this way.

And then I do insurance, USDF and USEF lifetime registration numbers, saddle, and all of the other nonsense that goes with having a horse of my very own.  Also have to figure out what to call his breed on his paperwork.  It looks like I can register him as an American Warmblood, so I might just do that.  I need to ask Trainer R or the vet if they can provide me with his parents' names and his breeder.

I think I'm going to keep Expect the Unexpected as a show name.  It's so impossibly
fitting for him, whether it's his ability to teleport or the fact that he was supposed to be some lazy thigh master to get me in shape so I could go find a real dressage horse.  No one expected things to go quite like this.

T minus six days!


  1. Super exciting!!
    In my experience, the American Warmblood registry is kind of...not very prestigious/looked down upon? Things may have changed in the last few years, and I'm not sure how much it will matter for you guys. But just a heads up. Curious as to any other options you are considering as well!

    1. Not that there is anything wrong with choosing to register with them of course. :)

    2. Honestly, I feel the same way. It's not a bragging point, but he's a gelding so it doesn't matter much. Not a lot of breeding going on here! :) It's more about what to call him on his paperwork. He may be an American Warmblood (unregistered) since he's a draft cross and a lot of people call those American Warmbloods. Not the same critters as the ones that actually have to be inspected.