Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Transportation poll

Only once in my life have I been able to get to a horse show without the circus that is known as 'loading the trailer'.  I think horse trailers and clown cars are directly related.  They completely defy the laws of physics.  There is no way the amount of crap we bring to a show will fit in that dressing room, and yet we manage.  Somehow.  The bigger the trailer, the bigger the circus.  The biggest trailer I've worked with was able to take 8.  To give you an idea of how big a circus that can be, we forgot a pony once.

Seriously, forgot a pony.  We got to the show and her little boy was so sad to realize he wasn't going to get to kick everyone's butts in the pony jumpers because his pony was still sitting in her stall.  Still not sure how we forgot to get Sally in her spot.  Fortunately it was just a one day schooling show and not one of the five day rated shows we would go to.  After that, I added the actual horses to my loading check list.  People think I'm being paranoid, but I have learned.  Take nothing for granted when loading trailers.

In the interest of adding some flexibility with travel and potentially having a smaller loading circus, Trainer A has bought her own truck.  She can now pull a gooseneck and is in the market for a two horse of her very own.  She's understandably very excited.  So am I.  Shipping two horses is much lower stress than five.  It's also easier to find two horses to fill a trailer when going to the recognized dressage shows.  People think going to dressage shows is boring.

They're right, of course, but that doesn't change the fact I have to try to convince them otherwise.  Hauling a big head to head with one or two horses gets expensive fast.

So Trainer A is hitting the horse trailer market and asked for my opinion.  I've never owned one, so I'm throwing it out to the greater horse-o-sphere. 

The dream vs. the budget

What is your favorite brand of gooseneck trailer and why?  How is it's longevity? 


  1. I am relatively new to personal trailer ownership however I do have brands I prefer based on my various years of hauling with others.

    My least favorite trailer brand is probably Exiss. I think they are shambly and poorly assembled. The next lowest on my personal totem pole is Featherlite - I know a lot of people like them but I'm not one of them.

    I've used multiple sundowners and both of the GN that I know of had roof leaks so if she is going used that is something to consider. I have seen older Kingston and Trailet that held up but due to their construction the ones I have seen do look their age.

    I had a Adams bumper pull for a few months before changing to my GN and I wouldn't buy an Adams either. There is a reason they are a budget brand. Mine had a lot of visible rusting after just 4 months.

    I have a 2H Straight 4Star and I love it so far. I didn't get the Quiet ride because I don't like the butt bars on them so that saved some money too.

    There are a lot of trailer websites out there and depending on where you live I would recommend that she try to go out to as many dealers as she can. Jamcos are also awesome but $$$$

  2. Moat of the trailers in my life have been Gore Trailers because they last FOREVER. They are more expensive than some of the others but you get every penny's worth out of it. My current trailer is 16-18 years old and has (knock on wood) only had minor repairs since I've owned it (going on 10+ years) and it looks basically the same as when I got it. It lives outside, has never had a roof/cover since I got it and I try to wash it every year to keep it looking nice. I'm not as familiar with the other brands bc I haven't had to trailer shop bc I've had 1 trailer in my adult life (and hoping to keep it that way for another 10+ years!) I used to joke that I would buy a truck that could haul my trailer instead of buying a trailer that would fit my truck/car because I love my trailer so!!!! Good luck with the trailer shopping!!!

  3. I've never been able to buy a brand new trailer. I had an ooollldddd Kingston that while starting to rust more than desired was still structurally completely sound underneath. I traded up from there for my current 20yo. Trail-et which I love and is amazing.

    Also, clearly I am not very good at trailer reviews. ;)

  4. We've always owned bumper pulls, my mama loves her Miley. It's gone from Texas to Florida, and then from Florida to Virginia, and then all over several states around VA from there. It's aluminum so it's nice and light, but it has held up extremely well. The panels are also easy to remove to convert to 2 big spaces (it's a 3 horse) which was nice when my mama had to haul mare and foal from FL to VA, along with another mare.

  5. ooooh exciting! i've only ever owned my one cheap-o economy model bumper pull stock trailer so... i don't really have anything interesting to add re: recommendations haha. all i can say tho is having a two-horse is so so soooo liberating lol. banish the circus!