Thursday, February 18, 2016

Show time

The show schedule for 2016 is up and the first entries open next month.  It's almost game time!

Minor detail that all of the crazy weather has turned my driveway into a skating rink that could host the Olympics.  I say it's almost spring and I'm sticking to it.  Need evidence?

Forget groundhogs, horses starting to shed is the only true way to determine the seasons.  Especially when they're still under fleece coolers and the hair is sticking to absolutely EVERYTHING.  Including my face and my chapstick coated lips.

It's going to be a fairly conservative season, not too much campaigning at the recognized shows.  The goal is to get our butts qualified as early as possible, then stay tuned up for the end of year show.  I'm also going to be sprinkling in some h/j outings and two phases to keep mi papi happy and engaged.  I don't think he'd enjoy living in the sandbox full time.

April 24 - Hilltop dressage schooling show, T2 and T3

May 14 - 15 - NEDA spring dressage show, T2 and T3, one shot for a regional qualifying score

June 17 - 19 - GMHA Dressage Day and June Dressage Show, T2 and T3, two shots for regional qualifying scores

June 26 - UNH Dressage show - T3 and F1, one shot for regional qualifying score

July 5 - 10 - NHHJA show, 40 minutes away, we'll go play hunters and eq for a day or two

July 17 - NEDA summer dressage show (?), F1 and F2, not locked in yet

Aug 7 - Hilltop 2 phase schooling show, Beginner Novice and extra dressage test F3

August 14 - Oyster River dressage show, T3 and F2/3, last recognized prep before regionals

Sept 2 - Oak Rise schooling dressage show, T3 and F3, last prep before regionals

September 22 - 25 - NEDA Fall Festival, Region 8 championships, T3, also showing First Level in the open show

October 16th - Hilltop 2 phase schooling show, Novice

That's a total of 6 recognized dressage shows, including regionals.   NEDA summer and UNH are both tentative, depending on how we do at our first two outings.  If we don't need the qualifications, we might skip one.  I also have some First level scores I need to get, so I intend to go to as many as possible.  If we end up skipping some dressage shows, I'll fill in with the two phases and h/j shows.  Who knows, Theo might have to do dressage regionals and an adult medal final.  A girl can dream, right?


  1. That's a hearty schedule. Sounds like fun!

  2. I wish I could plan my show schedule so far out. We don't usually know whether the barn is going to a show until trainer has taken the temp of all boarders to find out how many want to go to which show a few weeks in advance. Excited that you guys seem to have a great schedule lined up though!

  3. sounds like a great schedule to me :D