Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog hop: The Little Things

Blog hop time!

What are the “little things” about your horse that you’re so fond of?

It's a long, long list, which is the only reason mi papi and I are still working together.  He's not an easy horse to love.

I love the way he leans into his ear rubs.  He rests his head against my chest and lets me rub his ears, inside and out, as long as I want while he dozes.   He actually loves the way it feels when I clip his ears and drops his head down so I can reach easily.

I love our unbridling routine.  I take the bridle off, hang it over my shoulder, and then give his muzzle a very serious rub before putting on his halter.  He holds his mouth open and leans into my hands, resulting in very funny sounds as his lips and cheeks flop.

I love the fact he's learned his name.  I always say his name before I give him a verbal command, it's a dog training thing, and his ears flick when he hears me say his name.  Works for Trainer A, too.  She was amazed the first time she noticed that he truly knows his name.

I love the way he gets jealous.  He throws fits when he sees me loving on other horses or, even worse, riding another horse.  He sits in his field and glares if I'm riding someone else in the outdoor.

I love the fact he can recognize my voice before I even make it to his field.  I was talking to Trainer A before going out to get him.  When I finally stepped out of the barn, he was at the fence, throwing his head and glaring at me.  I was late!

I love the way he groans and leans into his massages.  His head is down around his ankles and he makes audible happy sounds when I work on his glutes.

I love when he invites me to come play in the field.

I love when he grabs my zipper and unzips my coat.

I love his begging face and little whicker when he hears me open the cookie jar in my locker.

I love when he sets his chin on my shoulder and chills out there while I talk to people.

I love when I can tell he's actually trying very, very hard for me even though it's not in his nature to go above and beyond.  I love the way he sticks the tip of his tongue out, tips his ears back toward me, and gives everything he's got.

Not a bad list to review as the days count down to purchase day and the first hints of buyer's remorse start to show up.  No, I'm not backing out, but there's always that nagging thought.  Should I buy something younger, more talented, less of an F-U button?  But then I go out and see him and I know I'm making the right choice.  11 days left!


  1. Ah! I have a similar unbridling routine with my guys! It's special, because it's the only time they really let me rub on them!

    1. LoL - Tesla will do all the work, I just have to hold my hands steady on either side of her muzzle :D

  2. :-) He's great for you. Always better to get one you love than one that's perfect on paper (assuming you aren't an idiot in love with a wildly unsuitable horse, obv) (which you're not).

  3. 11 days? How excited must you be!