Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Critical Mass

crit·i·cal mass
noun: critical mass; plural noun: critical masses
  1. Physics
    the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction.
  2. the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture.
    "a communication system is of no value unless there is a critical mass of users"
 We have achieved critical mass.

I got a message today from a friend that had the horse person dream actually come true.  She's a professional at a swanky h/j barn (we used to work together), but her heart is in dressage.  She's been riding a client's dressage horse for about a year now and she loves him.  He's beautiful, he's talented, he's a snuggle bum, he adores her, but he's got a dirty duck spin combo when he's frisky that is pretty terrible for mere mortals to stick.  The owner knew he wasn't a match for her and rather than sell him on, she practically gave the horse to my friend who is unfazed by the potential spin.  She now owns a beautiful, talented WB to show.  She hasn't had a horse of her own in awhile and I'm very happy for her.

We're now excitedly discussing next year and coordinating travel so we can hit the sanctioned shows and both go to regionals.  She's a pro so it's a tougher challenge for her in terms of qualifying scores, but well within her abilities, especially with this horse.  She's also actively going after her Bronze now, starting at First.  We have Trainer A taking a client horse out to the sanctioned shows and Dorkzilla's owner is talking about going back into the dressage ring next season.  Trainer R is looking for someone to take Miss Thang out and qualify her.  That's four horses that are going to be out doing the shows and gives us a combination of trailers and home bases to work from.  That's critical mass, all systems are go!

Sounds like it's time for the 2016 goals.

1.  Qualify for the Region 8 Championships at Training Level
2.  Actually go to the Regional Championships
3.  Get my last First Level score for my Bronze
     - Fi's scores didn't count because I was showing opportunity classes.  Fail.
4.  Complete a three phase with less than 100 faults on cross country
5.  Do two clinics

Stretch goals:
1.  Score a 60%+ at First Level 3 so I can do musical freestyle in 2017
2.  Do a clean cross country

Goals are fun.  Let's see how I do with them.


  1. ooooh congrats to your friend! somehow making show plans and goals WITH friends is always so much more fun, and your goals are excellent ;)

  2. Less than 100 faults?? Love it. :-) Good goals!

  3. I love how you think- those goals sound awesome.