Friday, December 25, 2015

Bah humbug

Since I got Theo something for Christmas, he decided to give me something in return.

 One of these things is not like the other one
Really, papi?  REALLY?!

So the text is off to the farrier already and I wrapped his foot up with epsom salt, sheet cotton, and enough duct tape to repair the Titanic.  I'm not doing a repeat of the Abscess Wars if I can avoid it, no thanks.  What is it with this pony and picking the major holidays to pull a shoe?  It's not nearly as chewed up as last time and the other three are fine, so I'm hoping it's all going to be okay.  I packed and wrapped his foot like he already had a bruise, just to be safe.

60*, sunny, gorgeous, I'm at the barn in a polo (Christmas present from the hubby), and all I could do was groom him, wrap him, and send him back out to the field.  Bah humbug in deed.

He does not look repentant. 

On the bright side, I took pictures of everything so I can write up a how to post on wrapping a foot after I finish recovering from my Christmas dinner.  Roast duck, sweet potato, broccoli, rolls . . . this is not helping me in my weight loss goal.


  1. Welllll that really isn't the kind of present you wanted :-/

  2. ha! If your weather is like here there is mud everywhere! Irish used to lose a lot of shoes. I bought a pair of horse boots to have on hand. I put them on the foot until the farrier can come. It works great and, for me, was a good investment.

    1. I'm shopping for some hoof boots right now, what kind did you get? It's like playing Russian roulette to have him out with a shoe off in the Granite State, I need to have something on hand with all of this mud.

    2. I bought a pair of old macs. They are a PITA to put on but do not come off. Ever.