Monday, May 14, 2012

Steering and brakes

It turns out that I didn't have to worry about the princess embarrassing anyone at UNH.  After spending an entire day biting my nails and pacing, I finally saw the live scores.  Fiona was in first after dressage.  Yes, Miss Overly Expressive and Energetic had held it together long enough to get a 33 and take first place on the first day.

At least that gave her some breathing room going into the jumping day.  With her new problems with running sideways and even running out if she's unhappy, we had no idea what would happen.  As my trainer put it, there was no point in worrying.  She would either turn and stop that day, or she wouldn't.  With Fiona, it's really hard to tell which way it's going to go.

It was a good steering and brakes day.

Just to put this in perspective, here is Fiona at Pine Top, the last time she went to a sanctioned event.

No time penalties and just the one rail due to her being goofy in just the one corner. The new bit does seem to make her a much happier pony, even if she's still a bit . . . enthusiastic. She followed up that stadium round with a lovely, clean run around cross country to end her day with a second place ribbon. Not a bad weekend at all! Since then, the jumps have moved up in preparation for her move back to Novice next weekend. It should be interesting. As my trainer put it, there's no point in worrying. She'll either steer that day or she won't. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for steering and brakes.

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