Monday, August 26, 2019


Well, that escalated quickly.

I heard back from the barn I toured and yes, they have a stall for us in September.  More specifically, they have this single paddock with a shed in it that Theo can try.  Ideal for a horse that doesn't understand going in a stall, but he might feel isolated at night since he can see the barn, but he won't be in it with everyone else.  A couple of shed row stalls are there and he'll be near them.

I'm going to give it a try since he does that right now when there is bad weather and they bring most of the barn in.  He can see them and hear them, he'll just be outside while they're in.  He'll also be going into grass turn out during the day with them so he can hang and play halter tag.  I kind of want them to put him next to the Lusitano stallion.  He does well socializing with stallions.  If he doesn't like it, we discuss moving him into the main barn.  Might discuss that either way once the snow flies and snow removal becomes a thing. 

Can he cope with this?  Gonna find out

What that means is that he has a spot starting the 31st.  It's a three day weekend and as my hubby pointed out, what's the point of staying somewhere you're not happy with when you have another option?  It's not like Theo has to say his good byes or get used to the idea.  Soooo I agreed to a move date of the 31st.  This Saturday.  Five days away.

I've started packing up my stuff and am realizing just how much stuff I have.  How did it all fit in my locker?  Also tracking down all of the stuff I've been letting everyone use.  Surcingle, bareback pad, wool western pad, bits, slowly but surely need to hunt it all down.  I hate change so much that I settled in with the intent of never moving.  I might have retired Theo to that field if things had turned out differently. I tend to stick with barns through thick and thin.  It's a good thing I gave my notice or I would have backed out of this a dozen times already.

I'm excited for the new opportunities.  I'm excited to be with my friend again (Dorkzilla's owner, now the owner of a stunning mare I call Legs).  I'm excited for better footing and meticulous care.  I'm excited for Theo to be treated like a show horse.

I'm nervous for how Theo will react and how the barn will react to us.  I'm nervous for the first few 'you won't believe what your little monster did this time' texts.

I'm very, very sad for my friendships that I know won't survive this.

Mostly I'm just a ball of anxious that wavers between dragging my feet and wishing this was over already.  I'll end up paying board at both facilities for September but such is the price of making a snap decision.

I need to pick up carabiners to secure gates.  I need to consolidate my belongings.  I need to order Ulcerguard.  For both of us.  The horse version is quite a bit tastier than the human version.


  1. You will get through this. I am sorry that the friendships that won't survive it. If people are angry that you are leaving then perhaps they are not really friends, just 'friendly'.