Saturday, August 31, 2019

Moving Day

I did it.  I didn't think I'd have the guts, but I did it.  I moved Theo to his new digs.

Face full of hay makes for a happy pony

We didn't even try the shed with the run in since it's so isolated and Theo was already wondering where everyone else was.  I chucked him in a round pen just outside the shed row stalls so he could have a roll and watch horses coming in from turn out for an hour.  Once his neighbors were in, we brought him into his new stall.  He found the pile of hay waiting for him and dug in while watching the activity like it was a tv.  Apparently the mare next to him (barn owner's horse) knew him five years ago when they were boarded together and she loved him.  This sounds like a good start.

The view from his stall looking out at the paddocks

I got my stuff moved into my new locker and moved my trunk up to the hayloft to hold all my extra grooming stuff/polos/boots/who knows what Ihavealotofshit.  

My locker full of treats and jumping gear

Since the ponies were all getting dinner, I decided to leave Theo to settle in and not take him out for a ride.  Will I pay for this tomorrow?  Quite possibly, but he will be going out into turn out at 7:30 am so he'll hopefully get the worst of it out on his own.  His chain lead is waiting and everyone has been warned, he will probably not be a gentleman when he's taken out tomorrow.  But if he can get the idea that he's supposed to go out, have recess, and then come back in, he'll be okay.

Fingers crossed.  Tomorrow we try out the ring and hopefully start meeting some other boarders.

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  1. Glad the move went smoothly and I hope it continues on that way