Tuesday, July 16, 2019

To show or not to show

I spent the last week getting all of the maintenance done on my horse.  He's feeling good, being sassy, and we've got a show on Saturday.  All lights are green.

Then I see this.

Seriously??!!  There's a reason I live in New Hampshire!  And that's the actual temp, the heat index will for sure be over 100*.  From experience, Theo will be panting and dripping sweat just from existing.

My ride times are at 10am and 10:30am so it won't be 100* yet, but it will probably be 90*.  It's just two dressage tests but come on, that kind of heat is not something Theo does well with. 

Now I have to consider whether or not I scratch.  I've got good ride times so it's right on the line of being reasonable but do I want to try to trailer in those conditions?  I'm so torn!  I don't want to throw away entry money but it's going to be so hot and miserable.

I'll be debating on this all week.


  1. Go, but be willing to bail at the first hint of adversity. In any activity, there is always a reason to talk oneself out of it in advance. Keep moving until you come up against a concrete reason to stop. $0.02

  2. I second the above. you're already out the entry fee. Just go and if you do one test and then scratch, great! If you do no tests and scratch, also great!

  3. The weather has been absolutely bonkers lately, I'd probably scratch lol