Thursday, July 18, 2019

That was easy

I was all anxious about whether or not to show in the extreme heat but it appears I might not get a choice in the matter.

I've had sore muscles on and off since Saturday.  I was blaming my position work in the dressage saddle and Theo's way too big trot now that all his joints have been juiced up.  It was mostly in my hips which is typical, a little in my knees  And then my back started to get into it.  And my shoulder.  Really, body?  Every little issue decided to wake up and demand attention at the same time.  I'm used to this but it struck me as odd that I had achey abs even when I hadn't ridden in two days.

Last night I spiked a fever for who knows what reason.  No cough, no sneezing, just a fever.  And I'm not someone that gets fevers very often, I didn't even realize what was going on until my husband walked into the living room and found me under a throw blanket.

Him:  What are you doing?

Me:  I was shivering, it's cold.

Him:  It's 78* in here.

Me:  Oh.

Him:  That's not normal.

Me:  Oh.

My human thermometer was dead since neither of us have needed it since . . . last decade?  So we got creative.  First I tried the digital meat thermometer I use for cooking.  That told me 103* and I was certain I was going to die.  I run cold and I've never seen a high fever.  Cue much eye rolling from the husband as he rummaged up the laser gun temperature reader thing he uses for brewing.  Industry specs, very accurate.  According to his reading of my ear, 101.1*.  Okay, good, probably safe to go to bed and rest.  By that point I was also picking up a headache but who knows if that's related, due to my panic, or because I was dozing in my recliner with terrible support.

Or my restaurant poisoned me.  I felt fine at dinner.  Just sayin' . . .

I could touch my chin to my chest with ease so I decided it probably wasn't meningitis swelling my brain.  No nausea, either.  Anxiety is fun for these situations.  I took two Alleve and went to bed.  I forced myself to not bundle up too much in the 70* bedroom though it felt like the arctic.  By midnight, I had all blankets off the bed (my poor husband) and was having fever dreams.  About 3am I woke up covered in sweat.  This morning at 7:30 my fever was gone.

I'm still not coughing or sneezing or anything.  I have a bit of a headache that feels like a dehydration headache so I'm forcing fluids.  As a precaution, I'm missing my work team's fun outing today so I don't get our nurses sick.  I'm very disappointed, especially when I mostly feel fine!  Tired due to really awful sleep, a bit of a headache, but totally ready to go out to a brewery.  But one of the nurses is also doing home care for her mother and fevers are no joke.  I will keep my germs at home.  I guess some viruses start with a fever and then the rest of the party shows up later.

ETA:  And then I fell asleep for an hour after writing that so apparently I'm not fine, I'm stubborn.
ETAA:  And then my fever came back so I'm apparently still sick.

So a show in the high heat and humidity probably isn't going to be an option with whatever the hell this is.  Still have sore muscles though I haven't ridden in four days, so that's starting to register as odd.  Husband is in charge of notifying me if I start acting feverish again because I, apparently, don't notice.  I let my Alleve run out with no return of the fever, but who knows.  Trainer A is exercising Theo for me today since it's going to be in the 70's and he could use a hard school while we can get it. 

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  1. I tend to run cold too but I also tend to run micro fevers above my baseline. Hope you end up being ok!