Monday, January 29, 2018

We live

We do live, but work takes it's toll.  The boss put in his two weeks notice, so we all know how that goes.  A lot more responsibility, followed by training someone on how to manage me with no pay raise for any of it.  Joy.

I got some video of my Sunday ride.  He was a bit tired since he did a double on Saturday and a bit distracted by things falling off the roof but I figured I should get video anyway.  I don't get an empty ring all that often and this is about documentation, not perfection.

So here he is in his less than perfect glory.  It's a long, dull video, but it has all the moves in it that we're working regularly except the laterals since I wasn't sure what parts of the ring were in view.

Big screen helps to actually see.

The only thing I stared at was that back boot that was half undone.  How did I not notice that?!  The down side to riding alone.  But aside from that and the fact he was tired and sucking behind my leg in order to spook (spot those spooks?) it was a good ride.  It's pretty standard for where we're at.  Not looking like a giraffe is pretty natural now.  Transitions are calm and orderly.  Turn on the haunches and reinback are no big deal.  We had some moments of 'I'M A STALLION FEAR ME' where he drops off the contact and refuses to go forward, but that's pretty par for the course.  He's still pretty sure someone out there will fear him if he tries hard enough.

The more I handle him like a stallion, the better we do.  I really should check and make sure he's actually gelded all the way.

I'm very happy with this video.  I'm not leaning forward, he's not dragging his toes or making like a giraffe.  This is progress.  We are calm and highly repeatable.  We canter in both directions.  I love the fact that this is now our reality and I was irritated that he didn't put on his fancy pants for the camera.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.
The western dressage judges will love him.