Thursday, March 9, 2017

Real life

I've been scarce for a single, simple reason:  For the first time in nine years, I'm job hunting.  It's really quite scary and it's even worse when you've got an all consuming hobby like horses.  How do you explain to your potential management that you have something like a child, but he's about one thousand pounds?

Things at work went in a less than best case way, so my resume has been winging it's way around the state.  The good news is that I got some hits.  Today I talked to two companies, Monday I talk to a third.  For the two I've talked to, I get to move on past the HR gatekeepers.  Yay?  I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I continue on to the point where I need to dress up nice.  I need to buy a new suit for interviews.

But papi continues to march on as steady as a drum.  We're working on developing a big trot to go with his big canter.  He's not entirely sure he enjoys this new level of expectation when he trots, but he's getting on board.  We've been hopping over a lot of little jumps to keep him engaged as the weather continues to act in a demented manner.  50* one day, 0* another, we just can't keep up.

I've been trying to keep my work drama away from the barn, since a certain someone does not cooperate with me deciding I should take control of something.

He's been very patient with my frazzled attention.  He ignores me in alien mode and happily accepts the cookies that come with my apologies when I realize I'm taking my frustrations and turning them into unrealistic expectations of our rides.  My rides are my therapy and with stress levels running this high, therapy is essential.

I just want this chaos to be done all ready.  I can't plan on a show season when I don't know if/where I'll be working!  So inconsiderate of these companies to mess with my show schedule.


  1. I hope you are able to find a job that suits Theo :)

  2. I am sorry- it must be stressful. Hopefully it will end soon

  3. Good luck with the hunt! Definitely not my favorite activity either :(